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      Natural Comfort, the Natural Way.

      The textile industry often does more harm than good to the environment - yet here at Huskies, we firmly believe in being the change we wish to see in the world. The products we sell are manufactured based on ethical and sustainable principles, with strict standards applied across every stage of our process.

       Products that are sustainably supplied, keeping the earth in mind

      Sustainable sourcing

      We source our organic cotton material from mills who are a part of one of the world's largest cotton sustainability programmes, which approaches sustainability in the form of three key pillars: social, economic, and environmental. The programme supports and trains millions of farmers around the world, helping them adopt sustainable agriculture practices in their cultivations. This enables them to protect their crops, regulate soil health, promote water stewardship and preserve fibre quality. In following these principles, we help to sustain the very environment that supports us and further elevate the standards of the textile industry.

      Thoughtful packaging

      Here at Huskies, we strive to keep things clean and environmentally friendly. Rather than let our packaging materials add to an already escalating waste problem, our packaging is designed using a material that is easier to degrade. The time a laminated carboard box takes to decompose is dependent on environmental conditions and the dimensions of the packaging, but complete biodegradation can be achieved in a few years in comparison to plastic, which can take centuries.

       Empowering communities through ethical workspaces

      Ethical work environments

      Our primary ingredient, cotton, is a renewable resource, and yet the industry is often associated with poor working conditions and environmental management. At Huskies, we believe in raising the bar, by adopting principles of social and economic sustainability across our production process. Child labour still remains a challenge in many countries around the world, and we therefore choose to work with manufacturing partners who adhere to labour laws, and condemn practices that are detrimental to society and harm the well-being of children.

       Achieving supreme levels of comfort

      Comfort is of utmost importance

      The Huskies brand calls out to men who want to be the real version of themselves. The functionality and ultimate comfort provides the boost of confidence they need to achieve their goals. Many of our products are designed using our signature 100% Organic Cotton material, creating comfortable undergarments that promote breathability, and are easy to care for. We also have a popular modal or micro-modal fabric made to be a lightweight material which has qualities of shrink-resistance and moisture-wicking.